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Photographic Interpretation Subject 13 September 2011 - Ancient Wood

Photographic Friends group subject for 13.09.2011 - Ancient Wood

This was supposed to be the photo interpretation, the wood under the roof and the wooden deco on one of the oldest house
s in the neighbourhood. The house survived two wars and then the communist times, but it seems to be not strong enough to survive the latest owner who during the last 10 years let house gradually rotten and run-down.
old wood

But I don't like the lighting, the part that was supposed to be the main theme is too dark. So I took another photo, which may not tell the whole story, but shows the wrecked wood.
wrecked wood

8 komentarzy:

  1. Sad that he is now letting it go, wood, especially old wood without love and care soon deteriats.

  2. I do hope the owner will come to his senses and repair the house

  3. Me too, it looks like a place of historic value and many memories would have been made in such a home, the wood is beautiful, tragic to see it so.....

  4. Yes lets hope that the owner gets some repair done soon

  5. I love the charm of such old buildings and it always makes me feel sad to see them falling into disrepair. Hope the owner will restore it to its original glory. Interesting entry!
    Thanks for visiting mine.

  6. Said a little prayer for the house. Like others here...hope the owner does something positive. A good picture for the theme and I liked knowing it survived the wars and times...oh the stories it could tell.

    mine: http://oginalii.multiply.com/journal/item/253/Photographic_Interpretation_13_September_Ancient_Wood

  7. awwwww what a shame to do that to such a wise old building that has seen so much! Great interpretation!.