wtorek, 25 października 2011

Photographic Interpretation Subject 25 October 2011 - Novelty

Photographic Friends group subject for 25.10.2011 - NOVELTY

This is my goddaughter's cookie plate, for her spooky and Halloween stuff is something usual, for me it's still a novelty.

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  1. Fajowy talerzyk (a ja znowu nic nie rozumiem..... - czy chodzi o coś nowego?)

  2. o, kurniawka! skąd masz taki fajny talerzyk? Kit z foto interpretacją:) pozdrówki!!!

  3. That is cute, Halloween is a novelty to me too...I never celebrated it in England, it is huge here though....have to confess I still don't celebrate it, just see what everyone else is doing. I save my efforts for Christmas!

  4. To talerzyk mojej chrześnicy, hihihihi. Kupiony w Szczecinie, ale nie pamiętam w którym sklepie [rozkłada bezradnie łapki]

  5. Me too, Linda :-)
    Halloween and Valentines day are something relatively new in my country and for me they are simply weird. I have to admit, marketing campaigns to make people want to buy things they don't need and wouldn't even look at on any other day than the "festive" day are very effective.

  6. Very cute entry... Even I, as an adult, wouldn't mind having one like that...
    Thanks for the visit.