poniedziałek, 3 października 2011

Photographic Interpretation Subject 4 October 2011 - Nature's Autumn Fruit

Photographic Friends group subject for 04.10.2011 - Nature's Autumn Fruit

The apples are long gone by now, there are some flowers left... let's look for some fruits...


and chaenomeles

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  1. Berberys rewelacyjne ma owocki - a kolorek jaki.....
    a u mnie pigwa troszkę inaczej wygląda (?!?)

  2. To owoce pigwowca
    Akurat te mają posmak jabłka, mamy też takie o posmaku gruszki, kawałek wrzucony do czarnej herbaty nadaje jej cudny aromat

    Czym się różni pigwa od pigwowca?

  3. I think we all have those red berries in some shape or form and they make for good subject matter. We have some of those that almost look like a small Rose-hip at the back of us.

  4. Autumn is all about green turning into the warm tones of yellow, gold, red and brown, and red berries are the most characteristic fruits of the season.
    The berberis on my photo turns into a great winter bird-feeder :-)

  5. Very pretty..nothing of this sort grows around the part of the country I live in..so for me all these pictures are like eye candy.

  6. Multiply does not let me see your entry, says the access is restricted :-(

  7. The same applies to your photos :-) different climatic zone, different light, different food, so unusual, definitely exotic!

    Watching the group photos is like travelling around the world