wtorek, 25 października 2011

Photographic Interpretation Subject 25 October 2011 - Novelty

Photographic Friends group subject for 25.10.2011 - NOVELTY

This is my goddaughter's cookie plate, for her spooky and Halloween stuff is something usual, for me it's still a novelty.

środa, 19 października 2011

Photographic Interpretation Subject 18 October 2011 - Use A Frame

Photographic Friends group subject for 18.10.2011 - Use A Frame

Sparrow at lunch, doesn't it look like a framed portrait?

portret w ramce

wtorek, 11 października 2011

Photographic Interpretation Subject 11 October 2011 - Ornamental Water

Photographic Friends group subject for 11.10.2011 - Ornamental Water

For me the most decorative form of water are rain drops hanging from tree branches,
they look like little jewels sparkling and shining in the sun.

ornamental water

poniedziałek, 3 października 2011

Photographic Interpretation Subject 4 October 2011 - Nature's Autumn Fruit

Photographic Friends group subject for 04.10.2011 - Nature's Autumn Fruit

The apples are long gone by now, there are some flowers left... let's look for some fruits...


and chaenomeles

Photographic Interpretation Subject 27 September 2011 - Converging

Photographic Friends group subject for 27.09.2011 - CONVERGING

czwartek, 22 września 2011

Photographic Interpretation Subject 20 September 2011 - Discarded

Photographic Friends group subject for 20.09.2011 - DISCARDED

It's late, very late, but better late than never... ;-)

My neighbour's kids were playing in their garden. Once they were called for some goodies, they dropped the toys and left at the rocket speed to collect sweet treats from their mum.
This one looked... so abandoned
Does this count as "discarded"?
porzucona piłka

There's also a more traditional "discarded" photo. As Justyna says, crafty folks are very specific and have a twisted vision of the world. So here it is... my twisted view...
discarded thread ends and waste material.

resztki nitek i ścinki materiału

poniedziałek, 12 września 2011

Photographic Interpretation Subject 13 September 2011 - Ancient Wood

Photographic Friends group subject for 13.09.2011 - Ancient Wood

This was supposed to be the photo interpretation, the wood under the roof and the wooden deco on one of the oldest house
s in the neighbourhood. The house survived two wars and then the communist times, but it seems to be not strong enough to survive the latest owner who during the last 10 years let house gradually rotten and run-down.
old wood

But I don't like the lighting, the part that was supposed to be the main theme is too dark. So I took another photo, which may not tell the whole story, but shows the wrecked wood.
wrecked wood

poniedziałek, 5 września 2011

Photographic Interpretation 6 September 2011 - Curvature

Photographic Friends group subject for 06.09.2011 - CURVATURE
This photo was taken on 4 Sept 2011, during feast for celebration of 750th anniversary of the district where I live.

wtorek, 30 sierpnia 2011

7 koszul / 7 shirts

Mój pierwszy odzyskowy patchwork z 7 koszul. Cięłam i szyłam dokładnie według "przepisu", ale nie wyszło jak powinno, zapasy na szwy 1/4" wychodzą mi niedokładnie (ot, normalka w kraju metra). Nieważne. Zdecydowałam, że nie będę poprawiać, bo tylko na własnych błędach człowiek się uczy :) Na razie pokażę wam tyle... ciąg dalszy fot nastąpi... kiedyś... niedługo... ;-)
Wszystkie zdjęcia są tutaj, w albumie "7 koszul"

Wykonanie wg wzoru i instrukcji Nancy-Rose z bloga "Life is a Stitch"

This is my first thrifty quilt made of 7 shirts. Living in the country of meter, I find it hard to sew the exact 1/4" seem allowance. I decided not to correct the mistakes, so it will not be perfect. No, I will not show you the whole quilt at once :D there will be more photos... some day... soon... ;-)

Made according to pattern and instructions by Nancy-Rose of "Life is a Stitch" blog

poniedziałek, 29 sierpnia 2011

Photographic Interpretation 30 August 2011 - Alignment

Photographic Friends group subject for 30.08.2011 is "alignment"

I was wondering what can be the example of alignment worth showing to you... There are perfectly aligned stitches on my favourite armchair, but only two at each side... There are aligned posts at the stairs, but each attempt turned out to be just showing one post, the rest was hiding (kind of like watching the hindi dances, when you see only one person and hands of many others behind that one)... There are some aligned air chambers at the inflatable mattress... and then I took a cup of coffee and was about to place in on a tray lined with a coaster that occured to be another example of alignment

poniedziałek, 22 sierpnia 2011

Photographic Interpretation 23 August - Propagation

These seem to be dead plants, right? No. Do you see the dark spot inside the tube on the left? The flowers are gone, but there are seeds inside these dry structures. Every time the wind is strong enough to move the plant, the seeds fall off the dry remainders of the flower on the ground... there will be new flowers next year

Propagation can refer to:
Reproduction, and other forms of multiplication or increase
- Plant propagation, the production of more plants by seeds, cuttings, grafting or other methods
- Propagation of schema, in artificial reproduction
- Wave propagation, the motion of waves or the transfer of energy by wave action
- Radio propagation, the application of wave propagation to radio communications
- Software propagation, the distribution of free software in a manner explicitly permitted under the applicable license
- Propaganda

czwartek, 17 marca 2011

St. Patrick's Day

May God give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.
Niech Bóg Ci da...
tęczę za każdą burzę,
uśmiech za każdą łzę,
obietnicę za każdy smutek,
i błogosławi w każdej próbie.
Za każdy problem - wiernego przyjaciela,
za każde westchnienie - 
kojącą pieśń,
i odpowiedź na każdą modlitwę.

czwartek, 3 marca 2011

Sposób na spłacenie długu publicznego / Idea how to pay the national debt

Rysunek: Artur Krynicki
Drawing: Artur Krynicki

"Let's tax stupidity, a small fraction of this income will be enough to cover our national debt"